Which Star Wars Are You? Instagram Filter Brings in Baby Yoda, Here’s How to Use It

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The crazy success of the Which Disney Are You? Instagram filter has ushered in the Which Star Wars Are You? filter. Fans can now see which side of the Force they fall on and can even figure out if they’re Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. However, like the Disney filter, this isn’t made by Instagram, which means it takes some searching out to find it and install. Luckily, we have the directions on how to find and use it below.

Before even looking for Which Star Wars Are You?, you’re going to have to make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your smartphone. After you’ve updated the app, you’re ready to start the process of figuring out if you’re Jar Jar Binks or Han Solo. To begin, you will be using the search function to find the Instagram profile for @at.augmented or Antony Tran. Since the Which Star Wars Are You? filter is trending, it should be right at the top, or near the top of your searches.

After you have located Antony Tran’s Instagram profile, you can see his pinned custom filters and the Which Star Wars Are You? filter is at the very top. From there, you click on the “Try Me” section of the filter and make sure that your camera is facing towards you. You’ll need to press and hold the record button to capture the video, along with your reaction, which is then saved to your device once you stop recording.

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If you’d like to save the custom Instagram filter to your account, all you need to do is click below the Which Star Wars Are You? icon, which gives you a few different options. The first option allows you to save the filter for easy future use, allowing for fun at parties are just a night in alone. Baby Yoda has been thrown in the mix, so there will more than likely be a lot of people waiting for the random algorithm to land on the latest lovable Star Wars character.

Mark Hamill was able to find and download the Which Star Wars Are You? Instagram filter and was able to get Luke Skywalker. He was probably hoping to get Baby Yoda, but Luke Skywalker makes the most sense for obvious reasons. The Star Wars filter is just the latest in what has become a viral sensation. The Disney filter started everything, but we have since seen the Pokémon and Harry Potter filters take off too. This just goes to show just how popular Instagram has become over the years as people shy away from using Facebook. With that being said, one of the latest updates for the app makes sure to let everybody know that Facebook owns Instagram. You can check out the Which Star Wars Are You? filter over at Antony Tran’s Instagram account.

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