The Batman and The Matrix 4 Will Continue Production as Planned for Now

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It looks like The Batman and The Matrix 4 will continue production. COVID-19 has put a halt to many studios and their projects, but Warner Bros. is reportedly determined to stay on schedule. The coronavirus is continuing to spread and several studios have halted production and sent employees to work from home. Movie release dates have been pushed back and it looks like theaters are starting to take action, though many could close in the coming months if the situation does not improve.

The Batman has been shooting in the U.K. and The Matrix 4 has been shooting in San Francisco. We’ve seen plenty of unofficial set photos from both productions since they’re taking place out in the open and it appears that will still be the case for the time being. According to sources, Warner Bros. wants to keep moving forward, but there’s a chance this could all fall apart in the near future, since everything is on a day to day basis at the moment. As of this writing, even Disney and Netflix have temporarily suspended production on upcoming projects.

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In addition to The Batman and The Matrix 4, production on King Richard will still move forward. Projects like The Suicide Squad already wrapped principal photography and are in the post-production phase. Aquaman 2 isn’t scheduled to start until 2021, so it should be good to go. As for Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that the movie will shoot this summer. With that being said, that could easily change within the next few days, depending on the coronavirus situation. Additionally, it seems that Warner Bros. will keep the June release date for Wonder Woman 1984.

Marvel Studios recently shut down the Shang-Chi production as director Destin Daniel Cretton awaits his coronavirus test results. It is believed that the movie, which is in production in Australia, will only be down for two weeks, though that has yet to be confirmed. If Cretton tests positive, he will have to go into, at the very least, a separate 14-day quarantine. We’ll just have to wait and see if production picks back up or if the movie just stops altogether. Like everything else going on at the moment, it could change at any time.

The Batman is one of 2021’s most anticipated movies. Matt Reeves has been able to keep the project shrouded in mystery, which is quite the feat these days. The same can be said of The Matrix 4, which fans never really thought would ever happen. With such huge projects on the way, one can easily see why Warner Bros. is trying to keep everything going while everybody else stops to reassess the situation. Will the studio be able to keep this pace up as all of the other major studios suspend projects? It will be interesting to see what happens in the near future. The Batman and The Matrix 4 news was first reported by Variety writer Justin Kroll’s Twitter account.

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