Space Camp Remake Is Happening at Disney+ with SNL Writers

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Space Camp is receiving the remake treatment from Disney+. Saturday Night Live writers Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell are currently writing the script for the remake of the 1986 teen adventure movie. Disney’s new streaming platform is starting to get more original content made in order to compete with the other services out there. So far, the live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, has been the subscription service’s biggest hit and the studio is looking for a lot more.

As for the original 1986 Space Camp movie, it was not a hit when it opened in theaters. The original movie stars Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston, Tate Donovan, Kate Capshaw, Larry B. Scott, and a young Joaquin Phoenix. The original storyline revolves around some teens who attend a space camp in Florida, and end up mistakenly going to space when a routine engine check goes bad. The group works together to find oxygen and ultimately get the space shuttle back to Earth safely. It is believed that the remake will follow the same premise, though that has not been confirmed at this time.

While Space Camp seemed like a perfect teen astronaut movie for the 1980s, it had some pretty terrible timing. The movie hit theaters less than five months after the Challenger accident of January 28th, 1986. Production on the movie had wrapped prior to that, but many blame the movie’s lack of success on its bad timing. It made less than $10 million at the box office. Later, the story was turned into a novel, which brought in elements of the Challenger tragedy, as the young main characters become inspired to attend space camp as a tribute to their fallen astronaut heroes.

Production on Space Camp was only supposed to last three months, but due to delays, it lasted six months. A young Joaquin Phoenix, known as Leaf at the time, appears in the movie as Max Graham. He makes a lot of references to Star Wars and befriends Jinx the robot, who helps to bring the space camp attendees back to Earth. It’s unclear if Jinx will be back in the upcoming reboot, but he did have a pretty big part in the original movie, along with Max. We’ll just have to wait and see what Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell end up with in their script.

Rampage and Horrible Bosses producer John Rickard is on board to produce the Space Camp remake for Disney+. As for Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell, this marks the third project they are developing with the new streaming platform. They have already written the Home Alone reboot, and are also working on a live-action adaptation of Inspector Gadget. Hopefully, the Space Camp remake ends up with some better timing that the original version. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to break the Space Camp remake news.

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