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Heroine Bollywood Movie Watch Online

Heroine Bollywood Movie Watch Online

Unlock Your Mind This summer Sep. 21, 2012 IN. 140 Min.
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Heroine Bollywood Movie Watch Online

Heroine Bollywood Movie Watch Online A female superstar struggles through the trials and tribulations of being a Bollywood actress.Heroine Bollywood Movie Watch Online

Mahi Arora (Kareena Kapoor), a renowned actress and film heroine, is thrown out of a car at night. She hails a taxi and arrives in a disheveled state at a police station, with the intention of lodging a complaint. Before she can do so, her agent and father-figure, Rashid Bhai (Govind Namdev) arrives and takes her away from the station.

A journalist, reporting on Mahi’s volatile life, describes the actress as unstable and problematic, but also damaged and lonely. Through a flashback, we are shown Mahi’s relationship with the well-known leading actor, Aryan (Arjun Rampal). Aryan is going through divorce proceedings with his wife, whilst dating Mahi. Mahi is completely in love with Aryan and is convinced that they will soon be married. During one of their intimate moments, the couple makes a sex tape of themselves. Aryan’s loyalty and priorities are split between his

Heroine Bollywood Movie Watch Online

Heroine Bollywood Movie Watch Online

son, demanding wife, his career, and Mahi. When Mahi comes to know about an intimate scene Aryan is shooting for a movie, she barges on to the set and creates a problem, which upsets Aryan. The couple reconciles and Mahi attends a day of shooting with Aryan, however, Aryan’s wife soon arrives and insults her. In a drunk state, Mahi decides to go to a party which is also being attended by Aryan and his wife. Once again, Mahi is mocked by Aryan’s wife, and they exchange heated words. While driving back from the party with Aryan, Mahi raises the topic of his wife, which results in her being thrown out of the car.

Realising her place in Aryan’s life, Mahi goes into depression, putting her career in a decline. A friend convinces Mahi to leave the past behind her and re-enter the industry with a bang. Heeding her advice, Mahi decides to rejuvenate her career. She employs a Public Relations Officer, Pallavi (Divya Dutta), who uses manipulative and sensationalist tactics to reinvent Mahi’s image and puts her back on the front page of every newspaper and magazine. She starts a relationship with the Vice Captain of the Indian National Cricket team, Angad Paul (Randeep Hooda). Their love affair begins to blossom and Mahi develops genuine feelings for Angad. Soon, her personal and professional life is stable once again. On the advice of Pallavi, Mahi uses Angad’s connections to get a role in a big budget film. The lead actor of the film Abbas Khan, a well known married playboy, attempts to initiate an affair with Mahi. She rejects Abbas, which causes him to seek revenge against her. He demands that the director re-edit the movie so that story becomes purely about him and an item girl. Mahi is dissatisfied despite the film being a success, and in a desperate attempt to prove her acting skills, she works in a low budget art film for next the nine months. Angad proposes to Mahi, but she feels that presently they should concentrate on their respective careers. This causes their relationship to end. The art film never completes, and Mahi goes into depression, accompanied by heavy drinking and smoking. She is also denied the opportunity to adopt a child, due to her history of alcoholism and psychiatric problems. Since she cannot get a role in big-budget productions, she decides to work on a low budget film with newcomers. She also agrees to make an appearance at the marriage of a wealthy socialite.

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Original title Heroine
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