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Game of Thrones All Season Hindi Dubbed: 3x4

And Now His Watch Is Ended

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Hindi

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Hindi The Hound is judged by the gods. Jaime is judged by men. Jon proves himself. Robb is betrayed. Tyrion learns the cost of weddings.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Hindi

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Hindi

Game of Thrones All Season Hindi Dubbed


And Now His Watch Is Ended” is the fourth episode of the third season of HBO‘s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 24th episode of the series. It was written by showrunners and executive producers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss and directed by Alex Graves, his directorial debut for the series.

The episode’s title comes from a chant made by the Night’s Watch at the funeral of a fallen brother while at Craster’s Keep.

n King’s Landing
Tyrion asks Varys, laboring to open a large crate, for proof that Cersei tried to have him killed during the Battle of the Blackwater. Varys replies that he has none, but advises that revenge requires patience and tells the story of being made a eunuch decades earlier by a sorcerer in Myr. Once his story concludes, Varys opens the crate to reveal the whimpering sorcerer inside. Later, Varys gathers information from Ros, who reveals that Baelish may take Sansa with him when he leaves for the Eyrie to wed Lysa Arryn. Varys also meets with Olenna, asking about her interest in Sansa. He warns her that Baelish could become dangerous if he could obtain more power by controlling the heir to the North.

Joffrey takes Margaery on a tour of the Great Sept of Baelor, where Cersei and Olenna are discussing the wedding. Margaery encourages Joffrey to give love to the people, urging him to open the doors to the balcony to wave to the crowd, which angers Cersei. Later, Cersei meets with Tywin to discuss the importance of getting Jaime back, as well as the Tyrell presence in King’s Landing. Cersei distrusts Margaery for her ability to manipulate Joffrey. Margaery and Sansa get to know one another when Margaery finds Sansa at prayer in the godswood. Margaery expresses her hope that Sansa will come to see the Tyrell seat of Highgarden, but Sansa says Cersei will not allow her to leave King’s Landing. Margaery replies that once she is queen, she would see Sansa wed to her brother, Ser Loras.

In the North
Bran dreams he is running through the woods with Jojen Reed, chasing the three-eyed raven. Bran climbs a tree in pursuit of the raven, but falls when Catelyn appears, commanding him not to climb.

Theon and the boy who freed him ride for Deepwood Motte, where the boy claims Yara is waiting. While in the castle’s underground entrance tunnel, Theon explains that he never found or killed the Stark boys, instead having Dagmer Cleftjaw kill and burn two orphans as substitutes. He also reveals his remorse for his actions and claims that Eddard Stark was his true father all along. When they enter the castle, the boy lights a torch to reveal that he has taken Theon back to the dungeon from which he’d helped him escape. Guards subdue Theon while the boy watches in delight.

In the Riverlands
Locke and his men taunt Jaime for their removal of his sword hand. When Jaime falls from his horse, he steals a sword from one of Locke’s men and attacks them, but, due to his weakened condition and having to use his left hand, he is quickly beaten. At camp, Brienne talks with Jaime, who refuses to eat, saying he wants to die. She chastises him for quitting and tells him to live so that he can take revenge on Locke.

Arya, Gendry, and the Hound are taken to the hideout of the Brotherhood without Banners by Thoros of Myr and his men. They are introduced to the Brotherhood’s leader, Lord Beric Dondarrion, who calls the Hound a murderer, which he rejects on the grounds that all his killings were duty-bound protection of the king. Arya tells the Brotherhood about Mycah, the butcher’s boy the Hound killed, but the Hound defends the execution as justified by Mycah having attacked the king, which Arya protests is untrue. Dondarrion sentences the Hound to fight him in a trial by combat.

Beyond the Wall
Grenn, Edd and Rast have been forced to work at Craster’s Keep, caring for the pigs; Rast declares that they cannot trust Craster. Sam and Gilly discuss her newborn son and his likely murder by Craster. The men of the Night’s Watch hold a funeral for a fallen brother and soon return to Craster’s Keep for dinner. Black brother Karl Tanner challenges Craster, complaining about the poor food they have been given. Rast then enrages Craster by mentioning his bastard parentage. Craster orders the Night’s Watch out of his keep, threatening to mutilate the next one who calls him a bastard. When Karl continues to do so, Craster lunges at him, only to be stabbed by Karl in the throat. When Jeor attempts to intervene, Rast stabs him to death. As a fight breaks out amongst the Night’s Watch brothers, Sam flees with Gilly and her infant son.

In Astapor
Daenerys and her followers arrive to complete the trade of one of her dragons to Kraznys for the 8,000-strong Unsullied army. During the exchange, Kraznys repeatedly insults her in Valyrian yet again. After completing the exchange, Daenerys – in fluent Valyrian, claiming it as her mother tongue due to her Targaryen ancestry – orders her new army of Unsullied to sack Astapor, kill all the slavers, and free every slave they find. When a horrified Kraznys tries to order the Unsullied to turn on their new mistress, Daenerys reclaims her dragon by ordering it to kill Kraznys. After the battle ends, she frees the Unsullied and tells them they may remain with her as free men or leave if they choose. None choose to leave her, showing their support by pounding their spears in unison. Daenerys and her army depart Astapor.

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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Hindi
Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Hindi
Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Hindi
Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Hindi
Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Hindi
Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Hindi
Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Hindi
Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Hindi
Apr. 21, 2013

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