Dog-Friendly Cats Screenings Give Fans a New Reason to Howl

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Movie theaters are starting to host dog-friendly screenings of Cats. The majority of humans really aren’t into Tom Hooper’s big screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Broadway classic. However, maybe bringing some dogs into the equation might help matters? Ricky Gervais recently roasted the musical during his Golden Globe Awards monologue, quoting a review that stated the movie was, “the worst thing to happened to cats since dogs.” Now, those dogs can go and see Cats for themselves and make up their own minds.

Apparently, there were already a few dog-friendly screenings of Cats in the U.K. at the end of the year. Fulham Road Picturehouse is having another screening on January 12th, but nobody has RSVP’d on the theaters Facebook page, as of this writing and only 23 people are “interested.” If people attend this particular screening with a dog, they’ll be issued with a fleece blanket to cover the seat used by the dog or to use as a rug if the dog sits on the floor. During the screenings, the theater also will provide bowls of water around the screen and use a little more light.

As it stands, Cats is a major box office disaster and is on its way to losing $71 million. Getting dogs into theaters probably isn’t going to help matters, especially now that the movie has been in theaters for almost a month. People were horrified by the first trailer, which sent the studio back to the drawing board in an effort to fix the CGI. But by then, it was too late. The movie was even recalled once again during its opening weekend.

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While this does spell disaster for Cats, there is a way that could end up making some money for the studio. Some moviegoers have been attending Cats screenings while high on drugs and have been having a great time while doing so. As it turns out, for some, not everybody, certain drugs have actually made Cats a stoner classic. Now all they have to do is combine these dog screenings with people on drugs. Movie theaters across America can partner with Uber and Lyft to make sure everyone gets to and from the theater safely.

Not everybody on seeing Cats while high out of their minds has had a good time. There have been reports of bad trips too, which just really comes with the territory. But maybe a therapy dog can help some of these people through, that is unless the dogs end up hating the movie. Dogs may end up hating just as much as the humans have. Though, there are plenty of people who have enjoyed the movie without the use of illicit substances. If you’re interested in checking out this particular dog-friendly screening of Cats, head over to|The Fulham Road Picturehouse Facebook page for more details and hope more theaters in North America try this out.

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